Make Recruitment Sweet by blending technology into the recruitment-cycle

Redefining vision.
Back in 2018, As former recruiters, the co-founders of Find Recruiter wanted to create a platform to solve recruiter’s pain points and streamline workflow for the recruitment environment, so they made two platforms to connect them - The job marketplace and Employer portal. In 2022, the products were successful, and they decided to revamp their MVP products and company branding to give both sides a new look and a better user experience in job searching and posting.

Acting as a solo product designer and branding designer, I collaborated closely with the Find Recruiter founders to develop a new design language that matched their unique company vision - Make Recruitment Sweet, refresh the user experience and create a new design system to serve their products.
Web SaaS
UX improvement
Platform design
Design system
Brand identity
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Design template
Lawton Lai (CEO)
Ted Kuo (CTO)
Keithan (Product)
Visual Identity
Make Recruitment Sweet
Find Recruiter is on a mission to revolutionize the recruitment industry by blending technology and innovation with traditional practices to provide a seamless, enjoyable, and successful job search experience.

“Make Recruitment Sweet” embodies the company's commitment to making the recruitment process less stressful and more enjoyable for both employers and recruiters. Ultimately, the aim is to create the perfect match between job candidates and companies and make recruitment a positive experience for everyone involved.
Making people feel positive is vital to being sweet.
We believe that positivity is key to creating a memorable and enjoyable experience for our users. By incorporating bright colors and cheerful graphics, we aimed to make our users feel uplifted and optimistic about their job search or recruitment process.
Digital experience
Recruiter <> Employer
The first platform is a job marketplace for recruiters, with an intuitive search function and additional insights about job postings.

By adding the job to their task list, recruiters can access detailed job info beyond the JD, like screening questions, interview process, and voice briefs to reduce back and forth with employers and make more informed decisions about candidates. The Job Kanban allows both sides to check the progress of hiring and the candidate's information.
Digital experience
Recruiter <> Employer
The second platform is an employer portal that enables employers to post their job on the job marketplace and manage candidates with a Kanban list. The platform also includes messaging and interview processing features, streamlining communication between employers and recruiters.

To enhance the job posting experience, we have focused on providing step-by-step guidance and a user-friendly interface for hiring managers. By encouraging employers to provide comprehensive job information, we have streamlined communication and simplified the recruitment process. Our goal is to help employers focus on the most critical aspects of the hiring process and attract the best candidates.
It was a pleasure to join hands with FR team in building a brand-new experience for recruiters and employers. I gained much knowledge about the recruitment sector, its various aspects, and how to involve branding and company vision in the products.

"Our team really enjoyed working with Keithan, with his timely deliverables and fun easy-going personality. Equipped with his knowledge, he crafted beautiful designs that captured our imaginations and much more."