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Néi Hou

I’m Keithan, an Product designer based in Hong Kong.
I design digital products, design system and branding to collaborate with unique and user-focused services across the digital & real world. All disciplines relate in some way to the experience / art.

Currently a Product Designer at Peeba building wholesales platform and logistics solution (SaaS);
Previously a Senior UXUI designer at Chain Technology building IoT SaaS platform & smart city solution.



Digital Design

App, website, Product

Design mobile and web app interface, turning ideas and wireframe into a TRENDY and USER-FRIENDLY product.
Get through a goal, target user; explore users’ pain and needs; build-up architecture, MVP features and user-story map.

Constructing visuals, rules and patterns of design systems with user-story mapping to helps the product and organization grow quickly and consistently. A variables asset to assist team walk in the same way.


Branding Design

brand identity & guidelines

FIRST IMPRESSION is everything. Brand asset guidelines help present business elegantly and memorably and help the team walk in the same way.


Spatial Design

Spatial planning, Rendering & technical drawing

To make a memory behind that, you need a story and a cup of concept.

Study customer and client to get through the behaviour and life pattern, turning all of it into a story, concept, circulations, layout planning, visual rendering and drawing.

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