Case studies

Find Recruiter

“Make Recruitment Sweet” by blending technology into the recruitment-cycle

2022 | Product (UX/UI), branding

Peeba App

Stand apart from traditional wholesale business by creating a B2B wholesale marketplace

2022 | Product (UX/UI), App


“Made by game makers for game makers” - a powerful Dynamic Config Platform and rocket boosters for game builders and operators

2021 | Product (UX/UI), branding | Coming Soon


The world of Digital Twin - 3D model & IoT integration platform that allows to monitor and control the IoT activity on your 1:1 4D model.

2021 | Product (UX/UI) | Coming Soon

Hybrid reality platform

We built an HRP (hybrid reality platform) with IoT sensors, BIM and reality model integration functions for construction monitoring.

2021 | Product (UX/UI), branding | Coming Soon

We Work

A passion project aims to explore and enhances teamwork, drives collaboration, increasing relationship and stickiness among colleague.

2021 | Concept


Easy go easy pay

2021 | Concept, app


Redesign the Wikipedia website, enhance the experience of reading and posting.

2021 | Concept, website


Your music memo

2021 | Concept, branding